Litescribe Wallet
Open Source Chrome Extension for Litecoin Ordinals & LTC-20
Store and transfer your Ordinals NFTs
100% Open-source (GitHub)
Inscribe on-the-fly without running a fullnode
Store, mint and transfer LTC-20
Frequently Asked Questions

Litescribe is a service that allows users to inscribe data onto the Litecoin blockchain using the Ordinal Protocol, trade LTC20 tokens, and trade Litecoin Name Service. Litescribe uses the same principles and rules of the Ordinal Protocol but applies them specifically to the Litecoin network instead of Bitcoin.

Ordinals are individual litoshis that are inscribed with arbitrary content, creating unique Litecoin-native digital artifacts that can be held in Litecoin wallets and transferred using Litecoin transactions. Inscriptions are as durable, immutable, secure, and decentralized as Litecoin itself.

To learn more about Litecoin Ordinals, visit

  • Use Coin Control: Coin control is a feature that allows you more control over which specific inputs are used for the inscription process. Using coin control, you can select the inputs that do not contain existing inscriptions, reducing the chances of unintentionally overwriting or losing them. Ensure to enable and use this feature when attempting to inscribe data again.
  • Understand Transaction Process: Before sending a transaction to Litescribe, ensure you clearly understand the process and how it may affect your existing inscriptions. If you already have an inscription in your UTXO (unspent transaction output), sending a new transaction without using coin control may result in losing the existing inscription.

To start with Litescribe, you must first have a Litecoin wallet and a LTC balance. Begin by uploading your content to the inscribe page and inputing your destination address; you must then pay the amount displayed to the address in the generated invoice. After a few blockchain confirmations you will receive your inscription at your address.

Base fees are set to 410000 sats per inscription when using our inscription service, our fees are used to support ongoing development to make Litescribe even better.

We can follow up the order for you - just send the order number and your payment transaction hash to [email protected] and we can investigate and resolve the issue soon.

Litescribe Wallet is a Litecoin non-custodial wallet browser extension, specifically for Litecoin Ordinals. Unlike the Ordinals wallet, you are not required to run a full node to receive, store or send ordinals, making it lightweight and fast to use. Similar to the Metamask extension, Litescribe Wallet integrates seemlessly into your browser and can connect your wallet to third-party sites.

Litescribe Wallet is non-custodial, we do not store or have access to your wallet private keys or seed phrases. Make sure you backup your 12-word seed phrase in a safe place as you will not be able to recover your wallet without it. Never give out your seed phrase or private key(s) to anyone or any site, unless you want them to have full control over your funds.

Do not use Litescribe Wallet on shared devices.

Litescribe Wallet stores the seed phrase, passwords, and private keys in an encrypted format locally on the device where it's installed.